Tower DMS was formed 6 years ago with a vision to create an integrated engineering management platform to meet the needs of 21st century precision engineering and its associated QA standards.

Some key milestones...


Newburgh Engineering began developing a software platform to improve documentation management and business control neglected by its ERP and MRP software systems.

This is a bespoke system specifically designed to address the tightly controlled regulation and audit data required for precision engineering companies working in the aerospace, nuclear and oil and gas industries.

TowerDMS formed to create this program and to explore the development of a commercial platform


Integrated IMS

Commissioned to an on-going contract with the NAMRC and AMRC to develop a fully integrated IMS (Information management system)

The fully modular QA platform continues to develop through high end precision engineering organisations alongside the AMRC/Nuclear AMRC.

It will eventually encompass all of the requirements to achieve the relevant AS and NQA-1 standards.



Joined a two year collaborative project with a wide consortium to develop servitisation in a precision engineering factory.

Involved automation of machine maintenance from shop floor to management


NQA-1 Management Platform

Commissioned by Nuclear Engineering Components to create an integrated management platform to address AS9100 and NQA-1 standard.

This contributed to their ongoing business development and helped secure a significant amount of further work with a high profile nuclear customer


Commissioned to develop a communication platform for a pan European consortium to increase collaboration, partnership and sales.

The platform developed over 200 partners, including a number of high tech business located in the UK that later went on to create a number of European projects.


Calibration Tracking

Commenced development of Calibration Tracking a Hardware/Software solution to track calibration tools in a factory environment

Awarded joint funding to develop a prototype calibration system

Key People


Technical Director


Experience in providing high precision engineering clients with technology solution that significantly improve capability and productivity.

Managed significant EU research projects (H2020, Eureka) and developed/delivered software systems to AS9100, F4N, SC21 & ISO accreditations.

Worked within QA & inspection departments and understands customer requirements.

His systems have been audited by numerous blue-chip organisations including Babcock, GE & Westinghouse.



Commercial Director


Experience of designing, developing and delivering software solutions in engineering business environments.

Worked for PERA International on Manufacturing and Supply chain software for numerous engineering companies alongside blue chip experience with BAE, John Deere, Pirelli, Caterpillar, Ingersol Rand, Jaguar and 3Com (Hewlett Packard).

A specialist software designer he also brings extensive experience in developing and marketing start-up software solutions.



OBE CEng FIMechE - Chairman & Engineering Systems Director (non-executive)


Over 30 years directorship experience. Currently sat on several national engineering boards. Recently recognised with an OBE awarded for his services to advanced engineering.